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My name is Yulia, I live in Toronto, I'm a mom of a 4 year old Liam and the creator of KANGADOO.

Last Autumn I was shopping for an umbrella for my son after yet another one broke. My husband suggested that we try and find a good quality one that will be safe and will last for more than one season. I tried to find one that will meet our needs and was surprised when I couldn't find anything that would be safe enough or of high enough quality.

This spring, after losing my job to covid-19 I followed a dream that I had to try online retail and my first focus was to find, create and bring to Canada and US a kids umbrella that will check all of my boxes as a mom.

I'm happy to say that I did it and it's a fantastic umbrella. One I've never seen before and now it's available for sale on Amazon (And soon will be available here directly).

It has round safe edges, light strong flexible and reinforced frame, light reflecting edge and it can be easily used independently by toddlers and young children.

Thanks to you, I have now sold over 300 umbrellas in the last two months and have over 40 five star reviews.
Since then I have launched more high quality products which I hand pick and test myself for quality and safety.
Please support me by buying or sharing. I promise you 100% sutisfaction.

Buy, share, review and like please.

Stay safe and dry

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